Department of Public Works
Recycling and Transfer Division

210 West River Road,
Hooksett, NH  03106
Phone No.  603-669-5198
Fax No.  603-624-0415
Hours of Operation:  M-F, 7:00 am – 3:30 pm; Sat. 8:00 am – 1:00 pm

Transfer Station - Residents may bring trash and recyclables to the Transfer Station at the above location during hours of operation.  Permits are issued to Hooksett residents with a current Hooksett vehicle registration.  New residents must bring proof of residency, i.e., Real Estate P&S Agreement, vehicle registration or utility bills showing the Hooksett address.

Trash Barrels - Residents will be provided (2) 65 gallons trash barrels per address free of charge.  The barrels are Town owned with serial code numbers attached to the address.  Cost of replacement is $85 per barrel.  Residents may add their addresses under the serial number.  We also offer smaller barrels (30 gallons) for our senior and/or physically challenged residents.  If you need smaller barrels or choose not to use the barrels, please give us a call at 603-669-5198.

Trash (household trash only) must be bagged and must fit within the barrel with the lid closed.  Loose trash or trash outside of the container will not be picked up.  Cardboard, glass, paper, plastics #1-7, steel and aluminum cans brought to the Transfer Station will be recycled.  You may bring other materials to the Transfer Station, please click here for disposal fees.

Trash Pick-up

  • Barrels must be wheeled out to the curb no later than 7:00 am on collection day and must be removed from the street at the end of the day.  Collection times may vary.  If your collection day falls on a holiday, trash will be collected the following day.  On snow days, we may be late or have to cancel trash pick-up. Please check our website or call the office to confirm. 
  • Please remember to clear ice and snow from curbside area in the winter.
  • Barrels must be at least 3-5 feet apart and away from objects (such as mailboxes, fences, telephone poles, etc.) for the automated trash truck to pick them up.  The apron or end of your driveway is a perfect spot for barrels.
  • Do not place barrels under low hanging branches or wires.
  • Place the container at least 5 feet from objects (such as mailboxes, fences, telephone poles, etc.
  • The lid must open from the roadside with the handle facing the house.

Please call the Recycling and Transfer (603-669-5198) for any additional information.