Fire Safety Tips

Make Your Home Fire Safe:

  • Install battery-powered smoke detectors outside each sleeping area and on each additional level of your home.
  • Use the test button to check each smoke detector once per month.
  • Replace batteries immediately, or at least once per year.
  • Be sure to have a working fire extinguisher in the kitchen and make sure you know how to use it.

Plan Your Escape Routes:

  • Determine at least two routes of escape for every room in your home.
  • I you must use an escape ladder, be sure everyone knows how to use it.
  • Select a location outside your home where everyone would meet after escaping.
  • Practice your escape plan at least twice per year.
  • Once you are out, STAY OUT!

Escape Safely:

  • If you see smoke in your first escape route, use your second way out.
  • If you must exit through smoke, crawl low under the smoke to escape.
  • Feel all closed doors prior to opening. If the door is hot, use your second way out.
  • If smoke, heat, or flames block your exit routes, stay in the room with the door closed.
  • If you are unable to escape, signal for help by using brightly colored cloth at the window or by using a whistle.