Recovering from a Disaster / Emergency

Stay tuned to your local radio or television for emergency information and instructions.

The most important preparedness activity any citizen can do to prepare for an emergency event is to be sure that you have current and adequate property insurance. Both homeowners and renters need to maintain property insurance to guarantee their family’s recovery. Follow these guidelines for the following emergency events:


  • Use caution when entering a building, making sure that the walls, ceilings and roof are in place and secure on its foundation
  • be aware of downed power lines, broken gas mains and watch for broken glass
  • Check for medical emergencies and if necessary, dial 911 for immediate assistance
  • Contact your insurance carrier as soon as possible


  • Look for fire and utility hazards
  • Discard food and water that has come in contact with flood waters
  • Pump out flooded basements slowly, about one third of the water per day, to protect the foundation from further damage
  • Service damaged septic tanks, cesspools, pits and leaching systems immediately. Damaged sewage systems are health hazards and can intensify the effects of the flood
  • Contact your insurance carrier immediately

Hazardous Material Incidents:

  • If evacuated, do not return home until local authorities say it is safe
  • Upon arriving home, open up all the windows and doors to provide natural ventilation
  • Do not attempt to try mechanical ventilation (electric fans), as an explosive threat may be present
  • Find out from local authorities how to clean up your land and property
  • Discard food and water supplies that were impacted by the hazardous material contamination
  • Contact your insurance carrier immediately

Fire call:

  • If you are the homeowner, secure your property to the best of your ability and contact your insurance carrier immediately
  • Iif you are a tenant, secure your property to the best of your ability and contact your landlord, then your insurance carrier
  • Contact the American Red Cross Manchester (603-624-4307) or in Concord (603-228-7171)
  • Contact the The Salvation Army Manchester (603-627-7013) or in Concord (603-225-5586) if you need food, clothing or temporary housing
  • Have an electrician check your wiring before restoring power. Never try to connect utilities yourself
  • Discard all food, beverages and medications that have been exposed to heat, smoke or soot
  • Do not open a fire proof safe until it has cooled down
  • Maintain a record with receipts of any expenditures you make after the fire. These are important future insurance and income tax claims