What You Can Do To Prepare

Learning what threats you and your family may be exposed to is the first step in emergency planning.

The following list identifies the hazards that are present in Hooksett NH. Because we live, work, go to school and play throughout our geographical area, we need to be aware of what can happen all around us. Once you know what can happen, it is important to discuss it with your family so you can begin to develop your Emergency Plan.

  • Air Pollution, Fuel Shortage, Flooding, Arson, Hail Storms, Sabotage,
  • Business Interruption, Hazardous Materials, Severe Thunderstorms,
  • Civil Unrest, High Winds, Special Events, Communication Failure, Ice Storms, Strikes, Drought, Lightning Storms, Structural/Chemical Fires

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

There’s so much to do . . . so get some help!

To do it right, preparing for emergencies can be a full-time job with a hefty price tag, but it doesn’t have to be that way when you make it a collaborative effort among your neighbors. Many of the skills and equipment you will need in an emergency may already exist in your neighborhood. Search them out, and then work with your neighbors on a plan to use them to everyone’s best advantage. Getting an agreement ahead of time can save valuable time when it is needed most. Does it still seem like an overwhelming task? Then break it down into these smaller, manageable tasks:

  • Start with what you already have: Canvas your neighbors for disaster skills and equipment. Make it a social event. Invite your neighbors out for a block party - if you feed them, they will come. Put neighborhood preparedness as the only thing on your agenda. Most of all, have fun.
  • Build on your strengths: Integrate this approach into a Neighborhood Watch Program or your Neighborhood Association.
  • Don’t reinvent the organizational “wheel”; use what you already have in place and working.
  • Invite knowledgeable neighbors to teach disaster skills at a Neighborhood Watch or Association meeting.
  • Invite guest speakers from your emergency management office, fire/police department or the American Red Cross. For further information on the Neighborhood Watch Program contact the coordinator at the Hooksett Police Department (603)624-1230