Medical Sharps (Needles) Disposal

Sharps Label

The Transfer Station accepts needles as per the information in the NH Department of Environmental Services Needle document available here: Please read this document. In brief -It is allowed so long as the needles are put in a container that is rigid and puncture-proof, such as a laundry detergent bottle that has the screw-top securely taped and is labeled “Medical Sharps Container –Not for Recycling” with a permanent marker. You can also print off copies of the label at home and tape them to the container. No needles in bags or boxes will be accepted. No Exceptions. Take the container into the Office at the Transfer Station at 210 West River Road in Hooksett.   

Proper disposal of prescription medications and needles/sharps can prevent harmful health risks to the public, reduce potential drug abuse, and keep our public servants and employees safe. Thank you for helping us!


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