Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

Composition: Five appointed members, appointed by the Town Council.

Duties: General business, citizen concerns, superintendent monthly reports, project updates, subcommittee reports, budget review, capital improvement items.

Other: This Board has the authority to appoint Ad Hoc Committees to oversee special functions.
Administrative Code:

Section 4.9: Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (5 Appointed Members) - Under the jurisdiction of the Town Council, assist the Public Works Department in an advisory capacity on recreational projects, recreational budgetary items, recreational capital improvements, and with the submittal of applications for federal, state, and other grant monies relating to parks and/or recreation. 

Develop plans and work with the Conservation Commission in obtaining and receiving land for recreational purposes.
Staff Contacts
Name Phone
Robert Hebert (603) 485-5322

Board Members
Name Title
Mark Chagnon Member
Andy Janosz Member (6/30/2025)
Scott Evans Member, 6/30/2024
Keith Judge Town Council Representative
Kathryn Janosz Alternate (06/30/2026)
Judy Tremblay Alternate (06/30/2026)

Contact InfoMeetings - When: 3rd Tuesday of each month. All meetings are open to the public, and everyone is invited to attend.
Meetings - Where: Hooksett Municipal Council Chambers
Meetings - Time: 6:00 pm