Trustees of the Trust Funds

Composition: Three elected members.

Meetings: The Board meets quarterly. The time is determined in advance of each meeting.

Duties: The Board is responsible for investment decisions; daytime bank appearances to obtain the required two signatures on official documents; updating account transactions on spreadsheets as well as urgent business which may occur.

Other: Familiarity with standard auditing procedures and approved bookkeeping methods is necessary. A flexible schedule and attention to detail is a must. A financial background to include knowledge on common types of investments is required.  

Administrative Code:

Section 4.21: Maintain custody of all trust funds held by the Town; invest the monies as limited by RSA 31 and other state statues as they apply.

Name Title
Claire Lyons Trustee (06/2026)
Christine Tewksbury Finance Director
Donald Winterton Trustee (06/2024)
John Ward Trustee (06/2025)