Cemetery Scavanger Hunt

Martins Cemetery

Hooksett, NH - In celebration of NH History Week in October, the Heritage Commission will be sponsoring a CEMETERY SCAVENGER HUNT throughout the month to acquaint citizens with Martins Cemetery (off Martin’s Ferry Road across from the Underhill entrance).  Enjoy some beautiful fall weather and learn about the people who shaped our town.

    It’s simple: 

  1. Download the Guide to the Cemetery Scavenger Hunt from the Heritage Commission page on the town’s website , or its Facebook page, or you may pick up a copy at the Town Admin office;
    1. www.hooksett.org/heritage-commission/files/2021scavenger
  2. Take your Guide along when you visit the cemetery any time during the month of October.  Jot down the answer to each question in the Guide; then
  3.  Email Hooksett.heritage@myfairpoint.net by November 1 with the answers you’ve found. You will be entered in a drawing to be held the week of November 1 for a piece of Heritage Commission custom Hooksett merchandise.


Kathie Northrup, Chair of the Heritage Commission, says “Our town cemeteries are a wealth of information.  Think about it.  They are outdoor art galleries and genealogical research centers.  They tell the stories of families, the wars we fought, our religious beliefs, social classes and values, and cultural changes over time.  Enjoy your walk through history!”