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Attention Hooksett voters:  Town and School District voting took place March 10th from 6:00AM to 7:00PM

Town & Special Election Voting Results (New)

School Voting Results (New)


Hooksett exercises an "SB2" option for local government. This means that the traditional New Hampshire Town Meeting is split into two sessions: A Deliberative Session where voters can discuss and amend budgetary warrant articles, and a voting session where officials and warrant articles are voted upon.

The Town Deliberative Session took place Saturday, February 1st at the Cawley Middle School Gymnasium. A recording of Part 1 and Part 2 of the Deliberative Session can be found here. The town warrant was amended with several minor changes:

  • Article 5: Citizens increased the operating budget by $900.00 for the Trustees of the Trust Funds stipend. The new budget is $19,938,594.00 (19,937,694 + 900).
  • Article 25: Citizens voted to remove the words "to ensure public safety" from the original petition wording.

A digital version of the voters' guide that includes notes on ballot amendments can be found here, attached to this message on www.hooskett.org  as a .pdf. Limited physical copies will be available at Town Hall or the Hooksett Public Library.


The School Deliberative Session took place Friday, February 7th at Cawley Middle School. For more information about School issues under consideration, please follow this link or see below for the attached School Deliberative Session Guide.