Have a Historic Barn or Agricultural Building? You May Qualify for a Tax Incentive to Preserve the Building!


The Assessing Department page now possess a detailed explanation of RSA 79-D, which creates a mechanism to encourage preservation of Old New Hampshire barns and other historic agricultural buildings. RSA 70-D authorizes towns and cities to grant property tax relief to barn owners who (a) can demonstrate the public benefit of preserving their barns or other old farm buildings, and (b) agree to maintain their structure throughout a minimum 10-year preservation easement.

Think you have a barn or building that might qualify? The incentive is a good way to both preserve the look and feel of your community and save money as well.  Read the attached information or go to the assessing page at https://www.hooksett.org/assessing for information provided by the NH Preservation Alliance. You can also fill out the necessary form.