March 25th Town Council Meeting and Social Distancing


Hooksett, NH - The Town Council plans to open a public session on March 25th beginning at 6:00PM to address essential business.  If you'd like to make a statement for public input or on one of the public hearings, but can't physically attend or wish to maintain solidarity with social distancing principles, please send a brief message via email to:

Statements that conform to Town Council's rules will be read into the record at appropriate designated times during the meeting - please include a clear subject line and and identify yourself (name) to have the statement read.

Furthermore, while the Town Council meeting (and therefore town hall) will be open to the public at 6:00PM at the latest, municipal officials will be observing social distancing principles and will be actively engaging in certain measures.  In practice this means that a number of councilors may be participating remotely, and a public remote viewing station inside town hall will be set up and used if chambers or other areas become too crowded.

Public input will still be allowed, but physical attendees are asked to be respectful of queuing rules that may need to be enforced.