Participate in a Technology Survey to Improve Town Services!

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Attention Hooksett Community Members: Town staff created an information technology (IT) survey and your input is desperately required.

Q: Why should I care?

First and foremost, because money spent on IT budgets comes from residents and businesses in Hooksett, and you as a member of our community should have a say in how those budgets are spent. By necessity, local governments have increasingly become reliant on the support of things like computers, websites, social media, and various forms of software. While this has led to a dramatic rise in the quantity and quality of services available to the public, Hooksett staff and volunteers are utterly dedicated to tailoring systems to the needs of citizens and making sure budgets are spent to achieve maximum efficiency and transparency. To pursue that goal, honest feedback from end users is needed, so your participation is vital.

Q: How long does the survey take to complete? 

Some of the questions are open ended, so it varies, but less than 10 minutes is a typical completion time. 

Q: What does the survey cover?

The survey will ask you for opinions and experiences with various aspects of the Town of Hooksett’s IT services for departments like  Police, Fire, Public Works, and others. Many are directed at learning about your preferences for consuming information that’s important to you and navigating IT-supported town processes.

Q: How can I participate?

The Technology Survey is easily completed one of two ways.  Via picking up a paper copy or completing the survey online. If you pass the survey around as well it would be a great service to your community.

Q: Does the survey collect your personal information?

No, but: One of the questions does ask for voluntary submission of contact information if you’d be interested in participating further by answering follow-up questions.  You can complete the entire survey without identifying yourself at all. That said, public officials really do need as much high-quality information as possible, so offering to speak more about your thoughts and experience would be supremely helpful and a true service to your community. Any contact information submitted voluntarily would be kept private and secure by staff.