"Temporary" Diversion of Recycled Materials

The Town of Hooksett will "temporarily" be sending all of the recycled materials collected at the curbside to the incinerator due to the extreme high cost.  The recycling markets have tumbled and costs have risen from $20.00 per ton to $114.00 per ton since last July (trash is presently $71.77 per ton).  Another factor for the increased cost is the contamination in the recycling barrels.  People are using the recycling barrel for trash.  This problem is not just in Hooksett but throughout the region.  We are asking residents to continue to separate the recycling so that as soon as the markets change we can continue to be proactive in conserving the environment and saving money for the taxpayers.  We encourage residents to recycle and hope that many of you will continue to recycle on a volunteer basis.  All recycling that is brought to the Transfer Station, will be sent to the recycling facility.  Residents who recycle at the facility are reminded that cardboard and aluminum cans, when separated, generate money for the Town.