Impact Fees

What are Impact Fees?

Impact fees are imposed upon new development, including subdivision, building construction or other land-use change. These fees help absorb the financial impact of new development for the construction or improvement of capital facilities owned or operated by the town. The purpose of these fees are to:

  • Prevent scattered or premature development of land as would involve danger or injury to health, safety, or prosperity by reason of the lack of water supply, drainage, transportation, schools, fire protection, or other public services, or necessitate the excessive expenditure of public funds for the supply of such services
  • Ensure that adequate and appropriate facilities are available to individuals who may come to be located in the town of Hooksett.
  • Provide for the harmonious development of the municipality and its environs
  • Ensure the proper arrangement and coordination of streets, as well as, sufficient width to accommodate existing and prospective traffic
Such facilities that may be affected by new development include: water treatment and distribution facilities, wastewater treatment and disposal facilities, public roads, public school facilities, public safety, solid waste collection, recycling, public libraries and public recreation facilities.