Holiday and Storm Collection Information

The Town of Hooksett collects trash Monday-Friday, 5 days a week. Residents are issued 2 barrels, one for household trash only (must be bagged) and one for household recycling only (must be loose). Please see the list of acceptable materials on the website, or call the office.

If there is a holiday and the Department is closed, the holiday trash is collected along with the regularly scheduled trash on the next working day. A holiday schedule is listed on the website. During snow events we try our best to get the truck out. If the roads are too bad, trash and recycling will be collected on the next working day. If it is a state of emergency, trash will not be collected. Residents are asked to call the facility or check the website.

All trash and recycling barrels must be placed at the curb by 7:00 am, all year, no exceptions. Collection routes will not change without notice, but the time trash and recycling is collected may. Weather, truck breakdowns and road closures due to emergencies are reasons for this. If you are unsure or have questions about anything, please call the office at 669-5198. We try to update everything on our recorder. You can also check the website here where it will be listed on the website in the news and announcements by 6:45 in the morning.

Residents are also urged to utilize the news and announcement alert that is available. Go to the Hooksett website here, check the left hand column and click on Subscribe to News. It will request the email that you would like the information sent. Check off News and Announcements and any other category you would like. You will receive the information as soon as it is posted.