Town Council

Composition: Nine elected members for terms of three (3) years. One Councilor for each of the six districts and three Councilors in At-large positions.

Meetings: Meetings are held on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month, at 6:00 pm, at the Municipal Building. The average meeting lasts three hours.

Duties: Responsible for hiring a competent and qualified Town Administrator to run the Town Departments; Provide overall policy direction and guidance for the Administrator; Review and approve annual departmental budgets and Capital Improvement Plan items for Budget Committee and Annual Town Meeting approval; Responsible for negotiating collective bargaining agreements; Appoint qualified personnel for the appointed boards, committees and commissions; Membership in various Council subcommittees on different issues.

Other: The Board has the authority to create Ad Hoc Committees and Subcommittees to research special projects.

Administrative Code:

Section 4.17: Consists of nine elected members, one from each District and three At-large members.  It is the governing body of the Town and directed by the specifications of the Town Charter.  Prepares and passes ordinances, submits a proposed budget to the Budget Committee and gives direction to the Town through the Town Administrator and appointed Boards and Committees.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Kathleen Donnelly Administration P/T Secretary

Town Councilors

Name Title
James Sullivan At Large, Chair (06/30/2023), 603-315-0084
John Durand District 4 (06/30/2021), 603-716-6313
Alex Walczyk At-Large, (6/30/2021), 818-446-6599
Timothy Tsantoulis Vice-chair, District 1 (06/30/2021) 603-669-6999
Clark Karolian District 5,(6/30/2022), 603-722-0834
Cliff Jones At-Large, 6/30/2022
Roger Duhaime Town Councilor, District 3
David Boutin Councilor, District 2, 6/30/2023
Randall Lapierre Councilor, District 6 (6/30/2022)