Public Transportation

Do you live or work in Hooksett? Do you get tired of driving yourself or others around or just want to get out more?  Hate traffic? Want to save on fuel? Don't own a vehicle or have a disability that prevents you from driving? If any of those statements apply to you, family members, or friends: Look no further.  

Hooksett may not be a big town, but it does have intriguing access to public transportation. Many options detailed through this page are provided or facilitated through state or federal partnerships. 

Please read all details for individual options carefully, but feel free to try them out, even if you haven't taken a shuttle, public bus, or ride share before! You might be surpised at the convenience or time/money you save! Below are a number of links to public transit resources:

Hooksett Shuttle Program - Free, handicap accessible, curb-to-curb transportation for residents of Hooksett to anywhere in Hooksett, Manhcester, and other locations! See flyer or shuttle page for details!

Hooksett Shopper Shuttle Direct line from various local housing developments to the Hooksett Market Basket every Thursday morning.   

MTA Route 11 Bus Line - Bus line with a stop in Hooksett that offers access to the entirety of the Manchester's bus system. Connecting routes access Nashua and Concord.

New Hampshire Rideshare - State facilitated program for car pooling and ride connections

Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission Online Transportation Kiosk  - An in-depth listing of various regional transportation topics. Includes a list of various transport options to assist vulnerable populations such as the disabled or elderly. .

This web page is intended as an access point for local and regional transportation options that might benefit those who live or work in Hooksett. If you find any dead links or incorrect information, please don't hesitate to contact a town staff member.