Budget Committee

Composition: Nine elected members and four members appointed by the Town Council. The four appointed members consist of one representative from each of the following: Town Council, Village Water Precinct, Central Water Precinct and School Board.

Meetings: Meetings are held every Thursday during Budget Season, at 6:30 pm, at the Municipal Building.

Duties: To review the budget as provided in RSA 32:5 for submission to each annual meeting of the voters of the Town, the budgets of any school district within the Town; to confer with the Town Council and with other officers, department heads and other officials, relative to estimated costs, revenue anticipated, and services performed to the extent deemed necessary by the Budget Committee; to conduct public hearing required under RSA 32:5, I.; to forward copies of the final budgets to the clerk, as required by RSA 32:5, VI, and, in addition, to deliver two copies of such budgets and recommendations upon special warrant articles to the Town Council at least 20 days before the date set for the annual meeting, to be posted with the warrant.

Administrative Code:

Section 4.1: Review annual budgets submitted by the Town Council, School Board, all Precincts and the Sewer Department. Submit recommended budgets to the Town Voters and periodically review all expenditures.

Name Title
Leeann Moynihan Budget Committee Secretary
Elizabeth Spitzer Member (6/30/2027)
Germano Martins Member (6/30/2025)
William Lynch Member (6/30/2025)
Michael Jache Village Water Precinct Rep.
Alyssa Ehl Member (6/30/2027)
Maryanne Soucy Member (6/30/2027)
Michael Kowack Member (6/30/2026)
Ernie Bencivenga Member (6/30/2025)
Evelyn Baker School Board Representative
Darren Greenberg Member (06/30/2026)
Abigail Shaine Member (06/30/2026)
Jodi Pinard Town Council Representative