Supervisors Of The Checklist

Composition: Consisting of 3 elected legal voters of the town for a term of 6 years. To be elected every 2 years with the term staggered, i.e., first member’s term shall be 1998-2004, second shall be 2000-2006, and third shall be 2002-2008.

Duties: Registration of qualified voters; Responsible for determining if a person is a qualified voter; Keeping records of voters’ registration forms; Updating records of voters’ registration forms, i.e., mailing address; Posting of current checklist at the Town Hall.

Administrative Code:

Section 4.15: Care for the checklist in compliance with Federal HAVA (Help America Vote Act); determine whether or not each individual is qualified to vote; and amending the districts within two (2) years of the census.

The Town of Hooksett is looking for Ballot Clerks!!!!!

If you are interested, please contact the Supervisors at the number on the left of the screen. You must be 18 years or older and a registered voter of Hooksett.

Board Members
Name Title
Barbara Brennan Member (06/2024)
Mike Horne Member (06/30/2028)
Lou Ann Kelly Member (06/30/2026)

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