Town Council

Meetings: Meetings are held on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month, at 6:00 pm, at the Municipal Building. The average meeting lasts three hours.

Duties: Responsible for hiring a competent and qualified Town Administrator to run the Town Departments; Provide overall policy direction and guidance for the Administrator; Review and approve annual departmental budgets and Capital Improvement Plan items for Budget Committee and Annual Town Meeting approval; Responsible for negotiating collective bargaining agreements; Appoint qualified personnel for the appointed boards, committees and commissions; Membership in various Council subcommittees on different issues.

Other: The Board has the authority to create Ad Hoc Committees and Subcommittees to research special projects.
Administrative Code:Section 4.17: Consists of nine elected members, one from each District and three At-large members.  It is the governing body of the Town and directed by the specifications of the Town Charter.  Prepares and passes ordinances, submits a proposed budget to the Budget Committee and gives direction to the Town through the Town Administrator and appointed Boards and Committees.

First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Timothy Tsantoulis Chair, District 1 (06/30/2024) (603) 669-6999
James Sullivan Vice-Chair, At Large, District 2 (06/30/2026) (603) 315-0084
Randall Lapierre Secretary, District 6 (06/30/2025) (603) 341-8311
David Boutin District 2 (06/30/2026) (603) 203-5391
Roger  Duhaime District 3 (06/30/2026)  
Jodi Pinard At Large, District 3 (06/30/2024) (603) 860-6226
John Durand District 4 (06/30/2024) (603) 716-6313
Keith Judge District 5 (06/30/2025) (603) 493-7991
Alexander Walczyk At Large, District 5 (06/30/2024) (818) 446-6599